Written Program FAQs

The only requirement for registration is payment of the registration fee.  It is recommended, but not required, that candidates complete credentialing with the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators, and have an anticipated exam date.

The majority of the IEPEP Written Program is self-directed, which means that registrants work through the online materials at their own pace, without a program instructor or facilitator.  There are, however, two scheduled events delivered via teleconference: the Written Tutorial Workshop, and the Written Capstone Workshop.

You can ask those questions by contacting a mentor on the ‘Mentor Contact List’, by asking a tutor at the Written Tutorial Workshop, or by talking to your peers in the program,

Your access to the IEPEP Program online content remains open right up until the national exam date – if you need to review material the night before the exam, you are still able to access all of the online content.

You can register for whichever program you feel will work best for your personal study plan.  The IEPEP Program was designed to be completed in the three months prior to taking the national exam, but some registrants choose to take an earlier program so they have more time to study on their own before taking the national exam.

The IEPEP Program does not offer financial assistance for paying program fees, but some past registrants have found assistance through services such as WorkBC and Skills Connect Canada.

Back in Motion's Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants offers support and financial support to eligible candidates visit Back in Motion to learn More.

There may be additional options in your province.

The IEPEP Program Manager: iepep.admin@ubc.ca

You can participate in the IEPEP Written Program from anywhere in the world.  Those who do not live in the Vancouver, BC area can participate in the two program events by audio teleconference.

The IEPEP Program is designated as a workshop so IEPEP Program registrants do not need to be in Canada, and do not require a Canadian student or work Visa. Please view this document for information on International Students.

You can participate in an IEPEP teleconference by simply calling from your home phone or cellphone.  IEPEP Program tutors and facilitators are highly adept at engaging group discussions with those on the phone, and the conferences are a great opportunity to ask questions, discuss study strategies, etc.

Participants will complete the IEPEP 100+MCQ exam remotely on their personal electronic devices using the online software Canvas. Participants are not required to reside in the Vancouver area in order to complete this online assessment. Instructions for this simple process will be provided to program registrants.